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The excellent work of bees can only be reflected in honey that is 100% natural and has not been mixed, heated or homogenized.

Miel Mexicana Volcán Popocatépetl sc de rl

Certified organic honey

…from the hive to your table

Miel Mexicana Volcán Popocatepetl is a cooperative established in 2001 by small honey producers. we offer honey that is 100% natural, organic certified and selected from our mono-floral harvests within 9 states of Mexico. we are fair trade certified and export our fine honey to clients in the European Union, the USA and Japan. The biggest accomplishment of our cooperative is the development of a business model that reflects on the social and economic development of our producers while playing a key role in the conservation of our ecosystem.

Our products and presentations:

seasons and flowers:

Fall /winter: Wild Sunflower, Wild Chamomile and “campanilla”

Spring: orange blossom, multifloral and mezquite

Summer: olin, manglore and multifloral

Bulk honey:

- 300 kg. drum

Packed honey:

- 1.2 kg. pet or glass
- 550 gr. pet or glass
- 410 gr. pet or glass
- 350 gr. pet or glass
- 25 ml propolis